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The Spirit of God in Genesis 1:2 (Part II)

For the Spirit being one, and holding the place of light, was between the water and the Heaven, (Theophilus ad Autolycus, Genesis Commentary)


My Translation of Genesis 1:1-2

In a beginning, God had created the form of Heaven and the form of Earth, and when Earth existed as an astonishing-desert with darkness over a face of abyss, and the Spirit of God oscillating over the face of the waters.

I am of the opinion that Genesis 1 is a Sacred Text based on a prophecy. I assume that this Sacred Script is based off of a vision God mediated to a holy ancient (perhaps Job, or Moses, or Solomon in his height of holiness and wisdom). I raised some questions in my last post such as

How did the Spirit appear to the sacred author in the miraculous vision?
Why did the Spirit appear the way He did?
What Divine concept was conveyed to us via the vision and tracing of the sacred author?

I will answer these questions in an interpretive theory and this will lead me into an interpretation of the Hebrew word merahepet.

Supernatural Event

Before I attempt to answer these questions I want to call to mind that in the Sacred Scripts an emission of the Spirit accompanies a supernatural event or a duration of a miraculous phenomenon. In context of Divine Revelation, supernatural refers to a concept that God performs that which is genuinely impossible, inconceivable, suprarational, extraordinary to the brain. A genuine miracle worked by God cannot be scientifically explained, or formally validated using petty logic. My God is a God of genuine miracles. God does that which is impossible in terms of Mother Nature.

When God effuses the Spirit to an object such as Jesus, or Mary, or the young Church gathered together in the Upper Room, a supernatural phenomenon occurs. The Father does not send the Spirit on a whim, right? Nor does He send the Spirit to merely overlook or guide natural processes, right? Angels can administer providence. The sending forth of the Spirit is an extraordinary favor that usually induces a supernatural event, right? God is a God of miracles, right? We do not need P.H.D.'s or letters behind our names to figure this out . . . right?

Examples of the Spirit described as mediating a supernatural phenomenon in the Sacred Script should be obvious to any Christian. It is important that I at least given one example since this argument underlies my interpretation of Genesis 1. Lets take the Incarnation for an example:

From the Gospel of Matthew: After his mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they lived together, she was found to have conceived in her womb by the Holy Spirit.
From the Gospel of Luke: And in response, the Angel said to her: “The Holy Spirit will pass over you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. And because of this also, the Holy One who will be born of you shall be called the Son of God.

Description from the visions of Blessed Anne: The ceiling of the room vanished, and over the house appeared a luminous cloud with a pathway of light leading up from it to the opened heaven. Far up in the source of this light, I beheld a vision of the Most Holy Trinity. It was like a triangle of glory, and I thought that I saw therein the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. As Mary uttered the words: "May it be done unto me according to thy word!" I saw an apparition [appearance] of the Holy Ghost. The countenance was human and the whole apparition surrounded by dazzling splendor, as if surrounded by wings. From the breast and hands, I saw issuing three streams of light. They penetrated the right side of the Blessed Virgin and united into one under her heart. . . She, entirely absorbed in self, saw in herself the Incarnate Son of God, a tiny, human form of light with all the members, even to the little fingers perfect. It was about midnight that I saw this mystery.

There are also the examples of the Baptism of Jesus and Pentecost. There are also some examples of Old Testament prophets or kings induced to perform some extraordinary action via the Spirit.

It is no different in the event described in Genesis 1. The Spirit is sent to mediate a supernatural event that is unique in the history of the Universe. Anyone who attempts to interpret the events of Genesis 1 as natural physical processes has overlooked the formidable presence of the Spirit of God in this Text. When the Spirit is present, a unique supernatural event takes place. Do you really think that the sacred author just inserted a description of the Spirit of God as a little side note? I do not. I think He saw a significant apparition of the Spirit and prophetically witnessed a stupendous miracle unlike any other in history of the Universe.

Law of Causality Applied to Frame the Context

The Spirit was sent to Personally mediate (impart causal actions) to the target Earth. The causal actions are miraculous, done at the Divine Will. Earth's face changes as the Spirit imparts a miraculous stimulation. The output of the events is a transfigured Earth orbiting the Sun with living objects on its surface including Adam and Eve. At event-consummation the God retires from His miraculous work.

I suppose that the Earth was an old dark star moving in our galaxy close to the newer Sun, but not yet locked into a gravitational relation (inverse square regime, orbit). When the Spirit was sent to the Earth, Earth was located between stars or interstellar space as we say. I suppose that God moved Heaven near to the Earth and emitted the Spirit to the Earth, thus establishing a singular connection between God and the Earth. God locked Himself into a relationship with the Earth via the Spirit, and the Spirit mediated God's Desires in view of Christ Jesus. The Spirit effectively changes the face of the Earth in a course of miraculous events that are traced by the sacred author in the Genesis 1 narrative.

The sacred author was privy to God's conceptualization and choices.  And he saw the miraculous 'change effects' of the Earth's face imparted by the Spirit in the duration of the light event. Genesis 1 is not a narrative of the Universe's creation ex nihilo. It is rather a narrative of the Earth's change or her transformation.  I call it the light-event. This is a unique supernatural phenomenon divided into sub-phenomena for the sake of clarity (i.e. the events of the second day, third day, fourth, etc.). The Mediators of the light event are the Father, the Son, and the missive Spirit. The target object is the Earth. At the light event's consummation there is an output that is a transfigured Earth orbiting the Sun with a new atmosphere, and living objects on the surface including Adam and Eve. The Moon (another old dark star) is also brought into a locked gravitational system with the Earth.

Let me restate this again. I assume that the Earth was a naturally transformed star swinging around the galactic core. Its metric of motion (time) is inestimable. It could have existed for tens of billions of years prior to the light event described in Genesis 1:3. At some juncture of the past, maybe a few billion years ago, God moves Heaven close to the Earth, sends the Spirit to the Earth and changes her.  We cannot see or detect the Heaven of God since it is not woven into our network of atoms. The Heaven of God and the Blessed is like a cloaked system. It is just beyond the imaginary plane of our solar system. When a mother points up to the sky and says to her child, "That is where God lives" she is not telling a lie.

The missive Spirit of God imparted a supernatural causal action to the Earth's surface, effectively changing her face and guiding her into a locked orbit around the Sun all in accord with the Divine commands related in Genesis 1. There is nothing natural about my interpretation. God defies Mother Nature.

And there is nothing mainstream about my interpretation. The planetary scientists speculate that there are billions of possible Earth like planets with a 'potential' for hosting life in our galaxy alone. But I assume that none of them host living objects since none of them have received the Spirit of God. Their Goldilocks's zone is an artificial concept that assumes living entities can form via mere physical processes and without the favor of the missive Spirit.

The establishment also supposes that the Earth formed in the same collection of gas and dust as the Sun, but I assume that the Earth is an evolved star or a compressed-inactive star that orbited the galactic core for billions and billions of years prior to God moving into a locked system with the Sun. God figuratively locked Himself into a singular relationship with this our old dark star. No other star in the Universe is similar to the Earth.

Before moving on let me summarize the context using Aristotle's Law of Causality:

Aristotle’s Law of Causality is stated as follows:

A Mediator or Mediators (object A) impart causal action to a Target (object B)

The Law of Causality was originally meant to be applied to physical objects but I will slightly modify for my context. In this context object A is God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. So we will label object A as A1, A2, A3. This context is unique since the Spirit (object A3) is emitted from the Father (object A1) and the Son (object A2) in Heaven to the Earth, thus establishing a supernatural connection so as to miraculously interact with the Earth. The Spirit (A3) mediates the chosen concepts of the Father and the Son (object A1 and object A2). Object B is the Earth, specifically her surface as it was sometime in the past, perhaps billions of years ago and prior to the appearance of life and moving between stars.

Its specific application in the context of the Light-Event (or Transfiguration of the Earth) could be stated as follows:

Mediators (object A1, A2, A3) impart causal action to a Target (object B). At event consummation, there is a resulting Output (object C)

Object C is the changed Earth. Her appearance is transfigured with the additions of a new atmosphere, defined landmasses, defined oceans, and living objects moving on their own on Earth's surface in spite of gravity. The event consummation is described by the sacred author in his seventh day.

The concepts pertaining to the Light-Event are:

Cause: The “act” of miraculously imparting action with the Earth (object B) as performed by God (object A1, A2, A3).

Effect: The “change” realized by the Earth (object B) during the duration of the “causal action” imparted by God (object A1, A2, A3). .

Light-Event: The phenomenon of transfiguration from initiation of transfiguration (There will be light!), to termination of transfiguration described as God blessing his work and ceasing from his work. An event is always consummated. The sacred author clearly understood this.

The actors participating in the Light-Event are:

Object A: The Mediator object (Father A1, Son A2, and Spirit A3) imparting “causal action”.
Object B: The Target object (the Earth) undergoing “change effect”.
Object C: The Output object (transfigured Earth) resulting from the consummated event.

Remember “Cause” and “effect” are verbs. They resolve to concepts conceived by Aristotle or some other Greek. Concepts do not refer to objects. A concept invokes or embodies two or more objects (that which has form). There is no such thing as ‘a’ cause or ‘an’ event; ‘a’ cause or ‘an’ event does not exist. Only objects, like God and the Earth exist.  Cause is a concept that refers to what object A (God) does to object B (Earth). Effect is a concept that refers to the “change” realized by object B (Earth) during the duration of the “causal action” imparted by object A (God). An event is a specific phenomenon from the initiation of the phenomenon to the consummation of the phenomenon. A phenomenon is a dynamic relation of objects mediated by objects.

Light Event:

1) At light-event initiation, the Mediator (A3, or the Spirit) moves toward the Target object (the Earth) and imparts a miraculous interaction with the Earth in accord with A1 and A2's command.

2) At this stage, the Spirit has imparted “causal action” to the Target object.

3) Simultaneously with 2, “change effect” is realized by the Target object while supernaturally interacting with the Mediator, specifically A3.

4) At light-event termination, the phenomenon is formally termed: Consummated Event

The Light-Event is a single event (One Day) broken down into sub-events clarified by the sacred author using the figure of days modified by ordinal numbers (second day, third day, etc.).

The Spirit Appeared to the Sacred Prophet as a Ray extending from the Heaven to the Earth

The Spirit of God changed the Earth. He is the intervening object between God and the Earth. The Father and the Son also impart supernatural causal action to the Earth, since God always acts as One, but they do this by way of the Spirit which they emitted. The sacred prophet must have seen something in his vision, otherwise how could he have described a Spirit of God moving over the Earth's surface waters? So my question is just how did the Spirit choose to appear to the sacred author in the dynamic of the prophecy?

The sending forth of the Spirit is rooted in God's decision: Let light happen. The Divine word concept 'Let light happen' has a superficial meaning as well as a deeper meaning. The superficial meaning is that God literally lit up the surface of the Earth in the work of this event. God literally stimulated the entire surface of the cold dark Earth and in this her atoms tapped into the subatomic objects which mediate light at higher frequencies. If there was an observer in orbit he would register the change of colors.

The deeper meaning is that God locks Himself into a dynamic relationship with the Earth so as to induce Her transfiguration. Light is a phenomenon. A phenomenon is a dynamic relation of objects mediated by a connected object(s). In the case of light phenomena, atoms stimulate atoms via subatomic objects which interconnect all hydrogen atoms (or protons and neutrons of the Universe) in addition to serving so as to impart form to them all. This invisible physical mediator connecting all atoms has a form like a double twined thread and has unique properties. But the important point to take from this assumption is that all that atoms of the Universe are connected by this fundamental subatomic object, these invisible rays.

In Genesis 1 the Spirit is the 'oscillating mediator'. The sacred prophet saw the Spirit appear as if an oscillating ray extending from God in Heaven down to the Earth. Now this might sound ridiculous but it is consistent with the command "Let light happen" as well as the prophetic experiences given to other Saints. In Blessed Anne's description of the light-event Blessed Anne said she saw a beam of light:

While these changes were going on upon the dark globe, I saw, as it were, a streaming forth of light out of that highest of all the spheres, the Godsphere, that sphere in which God dwelt. (Mysteries of the Old Testament)

In other words she saw a beam of light extend from Heaven to the Earth with the caveat, 'as it were'. The stream of light was not a physical phenomenon rather representative of a Divine phenomenon, namely the Spirit sent from God and imparting causal action to the Earth.

Theopholus of Antioch, a second century Church Father interprets the Spirit as 'holding the place of light' between Heaven and the waters of Earth's surface:

For the Spirit being one, and holding the place of light, was between the water and the Heaven, (Theophilus ad Autolycus, Genesis Commentary)

It is as if the Holy Spirit is a Ray of Light in the vision. This is significant, because the set of objects that mediate light between, or to and from all the atoms of the Universe, literally connects them all, and more all atoms assume their form from these invisible subatomic objects. So, the Spirit of God appearing as a Ray of Light in the vision shows that God is making a connection with the Earth. Earth is in the spotlight. No other astronomical object gets this sort of treatment.

The sacred author/prophet saw this beam of light so as to relay the mediation of the Spirit to us in words. The Spirit appeared or is prophetically represented as an effusing or extending ray of light from God in Heaven to the Earth. The symbolism is clear. The Spirit is a Mediator who connects the Earth to God in Heaven and stimulates the Earth. God mediates a supernatural work to the Earth's surface via the Spirit similar to an active-fusing star working the surface of a dark inactive star (a planet) via their EM connectors. God conceived of his miracle based on His previous works of the Universe namely the creation of atoms with their fundamental subatomic objects, and the formation of stars and their interrelations with other stars in a system.

The Hebrew Merahepet

Merahepet (transliterated) is the Hebrew action word assigned to the Spirit of God. The form of the word is a Pi'el singular participle of the verb root rahap. I assume rahap refers to a concept meaning to move back and forth or to and from. All verbs are a manner of motion. Like the Hebrew tohu wabohu this word is extremely rare (used only one other time in the Bible) and could be used as another argument that this Text is based off of a prophecy. The sacred author clearly wrote about extraordinary events and circumstances that could be described using rare words. How did he conceive of these events? God mediated a prophetic experience in the sacred author's brain.

Some have the Pi'el participle translated as 'hovering'. This translation is derived from usage of the verb 'rahap' in the Book of Deuteronomy 32:11 where the LORD is figuratively described as an eagle that moves over its young. A variation of this concept is 'fluttering'. The problem with this translation is that the Spirit of God is not figuratively described as a bird in the Genesis 1 context. It doesn't seem consistent with the Text that the sacred author visualized the Spirit of God hovering or fluttering over an entire planet in an eagle like apparition. So an analogous translation of the Pi'el rahap should be discarded for this context.

Other choose a more conservative translation such as 'the Spirit of God moved over', etc., etc. or 'the Spirit of God was brought over' etc., etc. Latin tradition). These translations are generic. All verbs are a manner of motion. This Hebrew verb is a manner of motion. The root of merahepet could have been conceptualized from understanding a mother bird in relation to its young, or it could have been conceptualized by understanding another natural phenomena. Or perhaps the sacred author of Genesis 1 conceived of the concept signaled in the trace of the new verb merahepet via his prophetic experience! He saw an object appear to move back and forth on Earth's surface. In this context merahepet refers to a prophetic conceptualization of the movement of the Holy Spirit. The sacred author experienced a prophetic dream and conceived of his own concepts signaled by new words such as tohu wabohu and merahepet.

Merahepet could simply refer to a bi-directional motion such as the move alternatively back and forth. Perhaps the author of Deuteronomy adopted this verb from Genesis 1 so as to describe the motion of an eagle. The Hebrew interlinear CHES 2.0 version has merahepet translated as 'vibrating'.

I have the merahepet translated as 'oscillating' since I suppose the sacred author envisioned a ray of light emanating from God in Heaven to the Earth. This beam could have appeared to be oscillating between God in Heaven and the Earth. And of course I have already explained that this oscillating ray refers to an apparition of the Spirit and his causal action.

Another interesting note is that the verb is in a Hebrew Pi'el form. This form is interesting, as if it were tailor made for Trinitarian relations. Here is an excerpt taken from Jones:

. . .[Pi'el] indicates bringing about a state. Hebrew uses the Piel when the subject is putting the object into the state or condition corresponding to the meaning of the verb root. The object thus takes part in the action as a passive, secondary subject. Being a state, the action tends to be habitual or ongoing. ***

In terms of the linguistic form of the Hebrew Pi'el, the Father and the Son are the subjects, and the Spirit is the object. The Father and the Son are putting the Spirit into the continuous state of 'oscillating' over the Earth's surface. This is representative of the Spirit's causal action: a supernatural relation that stimulates Earth, changes her and puts out new forms, e.g. living objects. And the Spirit as a passive secondary subject takes part in the action. So in other words the Spirit moved toward the Earth on His own. The Spirit participates in His motion since the Three Persons act as One. The Spirit is a Mediator, A3 (as in above). He actively imparts causal action and this work is One with the Father and the Son who it is assumed in the narrative to have sent the Spirit and communicate 'commands' to the extended Spirit. The Hebrew Piel is custom-made by Divine Providence to communicate to the Holy Spirit’s Mission.

*** Jones, Scott Walker (2003) Hebrew for Biblical Interpretation, Society of Biblical Literature, p. 133

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