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The Waters of Genesis 1:2 and a Summary

In a beginning, God had created the form of Heaven and the form of EarthAnd when Earth existed as an astonishing-desert with darkness over a face of abyssAnd the Spirit of God oscillating over the face of the waters.  (my translation)

What the Waters Gave Me

The waters of Gen 1:2 are textually inserted as parallel to the abyss. Abyss refers to a concept. It could be defined as a gathering or a body or a supply of waters regardless of where the waters are located. The abyss could be located over the crust as in the oceans or within the crust as in the fresh water reserves. Here the sacred author prophetically conceived and understood that the Earth's surface consisted of a water supply just prior to the light-event. He clarifies or reinforces his conception by restating a face of waters in a parallel structure.

My interpretation is that the Earth is an old transitioned star. In her transitional process from an active-fusing star to the inactive condition of today: outer layers of oxygen atoms and hydrogen atoms synthesized to H2O molecules and eventually settled to the surface, perhaps even helping the old star cool and form a primitive crust. Earth's water supply is for the most part homegrown.  Perhaps one could assume that there was
 liquid hydrogen in the surface of the Earth star and this liquid hydrogen was exposed to a supply of oxygen fused in the star itself.  The liquid hydrogen reacted and the natural byproduct is H2O vapor. Water vapor condenses, falls to the surface over a long time and there are your oceans. Simple as that. Its a simple reaction. Liquid hydrogen and oxygen naturally produce water without any need of light stimulant. Perhaps a trace of H20 was assumed in Earth's orbit around the galaxy.  For example she may have passed through several interstellar clouds in her galactic rotation and assumed traces of H20 or even D20 (deuterium oxide).

The sacred author conceptualized Earth in a prophetic trance or dream state of the brain causally imparted by God, as she was prior to the light event. At that time she could have been tens of billions of years old, maybe older (note I reject Big-Bang and nebular hypothesis). She was moving between stars, not far away from a newer star, our Sun and not yet locked into an orbital system with the Sun. Her surface consisted of real H2O molecules and a host of chemicals such as methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other volatiles. The waters may have have been frozen over completely because of the mingling of chemicals. Perhaps a there were thin layers of ice covering bodies of water and chemicals as well as a primitive crust like the Jovian satellite Europa is conceived.  This is how the Earth could on one hand be described as a tohu wabohu (astonishing-desert) and yet on the other hand described as containing a water supply.

In the light event God causes an atmosphere to burst out, establishes landmasses and the waters settle to become the pristine Seas in which God forms the first generation sea creatures through which many modern species descended.

Summary of Genesis 1:1-2

In a beginning, God had created the form of Heaven and the form of Earth

'In a beginning' refers to an undefined and ambiguous comparison of motion conceived by the sacred author so as to communicate creative events that occurred prior to the main light-event described in Genesis 1:3. Prior to the light-event prophetically witnessed by the sacred author, God created the Heaven and the Earth. The Heaven refers to an object which God built around Himself, not the sky or space, or the universe. Call it the Heaven of God, the Heaven of the Blessed or the God-Sphere. The Earth refers to our planet, and yet our planet is an ancient star transformed out of its active-fusing stage. Earth is a transformed star. She stopped fusing but continued to compress, cool, shed outer layers, synthesize chemicals, crystallize, naturally form layers such as a crust, etc. The sacred author explicitly traced a Hebrew Aleph-Thao designation to communicate that the Heaven and the Earth as he saw and understood them are two distinct objects with form. Furthermore these two objects are participants in the events of the Genesis 1 narrative.  God moves His Heaven near the Earth, establishes a connection via the Spirit and miraculously transforms her in the light-event which is conceptually divided into sub-events (second, third, fourth, etc).
And when Earth was an astonishing-desert with darkness over a face of abyssAnd the Spirit of God oscillating over the face of the waters

Genesis 1:2 is a condensed description of the Earth just prior to the light-event: when the Earth was so on and so forth God did this and that. Genesis 1 is a script derived from a prophetic experience. The author's brain was induced by God to see and hear a movie of what God did to the Earth when no one was there to see it. After the prophecy the sacred author decided to trace what he conceptualized via his prophetically induced brain. The Genesis 1 script could be called a postdiction defined (by me) as a description of past events without error.

The Earth is not a figure that refers to matter or Universe.  The sacred author conceived of the entire Earth (as if viewing it from space) as a super-desert. I suppose no human prior to the sacred author saw the Earth as it was prior to the light-event. He conceived of an object that seemed inconceivable even different in appearance than a full moon. Thus he communicated his vision by creatively inventing a new word-unit, the Hebrew tohu wabohu that I have translated as astonishing-desert. In reality the Earth was something like an ice planet, moving between stars, surrounded by the cold darkness of space. At the time the surface consisted of a supply of H2O mingled with many other chemicals covering the crust, mantle and core. Perhaps the surface waters were partially frozen.  

The Spirit of God is the Third Divine Person of the Trinity. The sacred author prophetically conceived of the Spirit as if an oscillating beam of light connecting God from Heaven to the Earth. I think the sacred author prophetically conceived of the Spirit's motion, but had no verb to communicate what he saw.  And so he invented a new verb, the Hebrew marahepet and modified it into a primitive form of what we call the Pi'el participle.  The Father and the Son emitted the Spirit to the Earth so as to miraculously impart causal action and fulfill the commands of her Divinely planned transformation.  This happened after the fall of some of the Angels. The change that the Earth underwent included the formation of the first modern atmosphere, a carving of the landmasses bounded by a gathering of surface waters not kicked up into the atmosphere, and the creation of a host of prototypes of the plant and animal kingdoms with Adam and Eve as well as the miraculous guidance of the Earth into an locked gravitational orbit with the Sun and the Moon with the Earth. In the same light-event God may have also miraculously guided in some of the other planets of our system (described by the sacred author as the stars in Gen 1:16).  At the conclusion Earth's appearance changed in the miraculous light of God, and then was naturally lit up by the Sun. To an observer of the events, she changed color, surface structure and of course had the prototypical life form moving all by themselves on the surface.  Prior to the light-event there were no living objects on any other star and there never will be because God chose a single star out of zillions.  Earth is elect, unique, singular, chosen by God, and so on.  The Spirit has not been sent to any other star.  

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