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Creation Timeline


Pre-History (History prior to the main event recorded in Genesis One)


* God creates His own sphere called Heaven. This sphere is disconnected from all of the objects God subsequently creates.

* God creates trillions of angels and matter, i.e. all hydrogen atoms (or protons and neutrons) as well as the subatomic objects which interect them all and from which they derive their form, simultaneously ‘ex nihilo’. 
* The angels are detached from matter and so given their own created spheres.
* Matter is a network of countless atoms interconnected by physical 3D mediators inherent to all the atoms. A singular network of atoms arrives stimulated.  The mediators connecting the atoms, the same from which they derive their form are intertwined threads (like DNA) with special properties. These mediate light and gravity.  Atoms do not increase or decrease, they recycle.  The universe is a binary conceptual system relating space and matter.  God did not create space and time.  These are concepts conceived by humans.
* God begins teaching the angels.  
The angels develop, i.e. language, prayers, assigned tasks, help God shape matter.
* Matter develops. It shapes into pristine structures, perhaps something like quasars and pulsars. These structures generate the galaxies and stars.
* Earth forms as an elect star among first generation of stars (morning stars).
* The Earth-star migrates in the new Milky Way galaxy (perhaps outward in a spiral arm). In migration she naturally transitions from a yellow Sun-like star. Her light goes out (fusion stops). She mixes elements into molecules. She differentiates a core, mantle and crust. Perhaps she generates her own water supply or is supplemented with water through interstellar clouds, and other chemicals, elements and so on in her March through the galaxy (geophysics is really astrophysics).
* In the latter stages of Earth’s stellar development the Sun forms.
* The Earth is a cold dark star (black dwarf) covered in water, some liquid (because of ammonia) and some ice. She is also with a dense trace atmosphere of nitrogen (like the Saturn moon Titan). She migrates near the Sun.
* A substantial number of the angels severely sin. God creates a new discrete sphere called Hell to detain the fallen angels. The Fall of the Angels does not directly harm matter. Not all of the fallen angels are detained in Hell. Some are moved to Earth to serve God’s all-encompassing plan.

History (The happenings recorded in Genesis One initiate our history)

* Shortly after the Fall God chooses Earth. The Spirit is sent forth to Earth, the light event happens. 

* The Father and the Son miraculously transform Earth through the missive Spirit in the light event. This light event transfigures the Earth in a single-unified-miraculous-extraordinary-supernatural manner. Genesis One communicates the unified course of the miraculous event.
* God’s miraculous entrance into Earth’s process is Earth’s uniqueness among all other astronomical objects.
* God changes Earth’s surface in the matter of moments. The abyss/the waters erupt. Some surface waters splits into hydrogen and oxygen, other simply evaporates. These mix with nitrogen thus forming a new atmosphere and clouds. At the surface liquid water gathers out to the seas. Dry land appears. 

* God creates and neatly plants pristine grass, plants, fruit trees of a superior species around the Middle East but not necessarily over the entire land mass.
* God cleanly places Earth in into orbital relation to the Sun. Around the same time perhaps some other old stars (planets and moons) are brought in. 

* The appearance of the Sun makes the pristine grass, plants, and trees flourish in a sort of first morning. The Sun photo-evaporates the hydrogen kicked up in the atmosphere.
* God produces pristine fish and birds using the waters and some mammals using the earth, neatly, in singularity: male and female around the Middle East. These pristine species are also superior to what we have today.
* God creates Adam.  For Adam's body God uses the ground in the side of a hillock located in the what is now the Middle East.
* Adam comes out of the hill and is taken up to Paradise.
Paradise is a mystical object, a sort of retreat, mystically detached from the Earth and yet also connected to the Earth.
* God begins to teach Adam.  He gives Adam the command to freely eat of all trees of Paradise except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
* God leads the animals, mostly mammals, from the Earth up to Adam in Paradise so that he can name them.
* In Paradise God creates Eve from Adam’s side using his rib.
* God gives Adam and Eve the command to bear fruit, increase, fill the Earth and reign.
* They consent and are married.  They are endowed with kingship and queenship of the Earth. Yet they are not yet instructed on how to fulfill their new roles (bear fruit, and reign).
* God blesses and rests.
* Eve is tempted by a fallen angel in guise of a serpent like animal. She sins. Adam is tempted by Eve.  He sins. God curses the Earth.
* Adam and Eve’s sin harms their glorious bodies and the pristine Earth as it once was.
* With Adam and Eve’s sin the Earth falls into disharmony. It takes a fallen course and remains in a fallen condition to this day.  Authority is transferred to some fallen angels and so they are permitted to harm the Earth.
* The first generation grass, plants, fruit trees degenerate. Some go extinct. Remaining animals degenerate and some go extinct. Under God’s Providence, the Earth recovers and evolves over millions or billions of years (Scientist study the course of fallen Earth). But it is still fallen and harmed by fallen angels.
* With Adam and Eve’s sins Paradise is permanently disconnected from Earth. Adam and Eve are given their punishments but are also promised a Virgin Woman [Mary] who will crush the head [authority] of the fallen angels.  I also assume that Adam and Eve are put to sleep in Eden as the Earth undergoes a fallen course of evolution.  This is similar to how Enoch and Elias are awaiting their Return in Paradise.
* God casts Adam and Eve out of paradise but leaves most of the first generation mammals in Paradise.
* Adam and Eve are dropped off on the fallen Earth in the modern Middle East millions or billions of years subsequent to Adam’s creation.  Adam and Eve do penance on fallen Earth. They have children develop farming, language, etc.

* Two of Adam and Eve's descendants are taken up to Paradise to await the reign of Antichrist (Enoch and Elias)
* Mary arrives.
* Jesus arrives and restores all things by his death on the Cross, but withholds the full effect of His restoration for the Consummation.


* Jesus Returns, the Resurrection and Last Judgment occur.
* At the future Consummation Jesus casts the fire. All material objects, even all elements are dissolved down to the simplest form of matter, the network of atoms, like in the very beginning.
* God shapes all things new including a New Earth, new plants, new animals, etc. Jesus, Mary, the resurrected Church and a newly minted Jerusalem descend out of the New Heaven.
* New Earth no longer needs a Sun or the Moon since God miraculously lights it up. And so God moves Earth around the New Galaxies so that the resurrected just can enjoy their sight through the sky.       

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