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Creation Timeline


Pre-History (History prior to the main event recorded in Genesis One)


* God creates His own sphere called Heaven. This sphere is disconnected from all of the objects God subsequently creates.

* God creates trillions of angels and matter, i.e. all hydrogen atoms (or protons and neutrons) as well as the subatomic objects which interect them all and from which they derive their form, simultaneously ‘ex nihilo’. 
* The angels are detached from matter and so given their own created spheres.
* Matter is a network of countless atoms interconnected by physical 3D mediators inherent to all the atoms. A singular network of atoms arrives stimulated.  The mediators connecting the atoms, the same from which they derive their form are intertwined threads (like DNA) with special properties. These mediate light and gravity.  Atoms do not increase or decrease, they recycle.  The universe is a binary conceptual system relating space and matter.  God did not create space and time.  These are concepts conceived by humans.
* God begins teaching the angels.  
The angels develop, i.e. language, prayers, assigned tasks, help God shape matter.
* Matter develops. It shapes into pristine structures, perhaps something like quasars and pulsars. These structures generate the galaxies and stars.
* Earth forms as an elect star among first generation of stars (morning stars).
* The Earth-star migrates in the new Milky Way galaxy (perhaps outward in a spiral arm). In migration she naturally transitions from a yellow Sun-like star. Her light goes out (fusion stops). She mixes elements into molecules. She differentiates a core, mantle and crust. Perhaps she generates her own water supply or is supplemented with water through interstellar clouds, and other chemicals, elements and so on in her March through the galaxy (geophysics is really astrophysics).
* In the latter stages of Earth’s stellar development the Sun forms.
* The Earth is a cold dark star (black dwarf) covered in water, some liquid (because of ammonia) and some ice. She is also with a dense trace atmosphere of nitrogen (like the Saturn moon Titan). She migrates near the Sun.
* A substantial number of the angels severely sin. God creates a new discrete sphere called Hell to detain the fallen angels. The Fall of the Angels does not directly harm matter. Not all of the fallen angels are detained in Hell. Some are moved to Earth to serve God’s all-encompassing plan.

History (The happenings recorded in Genesis One initiate our history)

* Shortly after the Fall God chooses Earth. The Spirit is sent forth to Earth, the light event happens. 

* The Father and the Son miraculously transform Earth through the missive Spirit in the light event. This light event transfigures the Earth in a single-unified-miraculous-extraordinary-supernatural manner. Genesis One communicates the unified course of the miraculous event.
* God’s miraculous entrance into Earth’s process is Earth’s uniqueness among all other astronomical objects.
* God changes Earth’s surface in the matter of moments. The abyss/the waters erupt. Some surface waters splits into hydrogen and oxygen, other simply evaporates. These mix with nitrogen thus forming a new atmosphere and clouds. At the surface liquid water gathers out to the seas. Dry land appears. 

* God creates and neatly plants pristine grass, plants, fruit trees of a superior species around the Middle East but not necessarily over the entire land mass.
* God cleanly places Earth in into orbital relation to the Sun. Around the same time perhaps some other old stars (planets and moons) are brought in. 

* The appearance of the Sun makes the pristine grass, plants, and trees flourish in a sort of first morning. The Sun photo-evaporates the hydrogen kicked up in the atmosphere.
* God produces pristine fish and birds using the waters and some mammals using the earth, neatly, in singularity: male and female around the Middle East. These pristine species are also superior to what we have today.
* God creates Adam.  For Adam's body God uses the ground in the side of a hillock located in the what is now the Middle East.
* Adam comes out of the hill and is taken up to Paradise.
Paradise is a mystical object, a sort of retreat, mystically detached from the Earth and yet also connected to the Earth.
* God begins to teach Adam.  He gives Adam the command to freely eat of all trees of Paradise except for the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
* God leads the animals, mostly mammals, from the Earth up to Adam in Paradise so that he can name them.
* In Paradise God creates Eve from Adam’s side using his rib.
* God gives Adam and Eve the command to bear fruit, increase, fill the Earth and reign.
* They consent and are married.  They are endowed with kingship and queenship of the Earth. Yet they are not yet instructed on how to fulfill their new roles (bear fruit, and reign).
* God blesses and rests.
* Eve is tempted by a fallen angel in guise of a serpent like animal. She sins. Adam is tempted by Eve.  He sins. God curses the Earth.
* Adam and Eve’s sin harms their glorious bodies and the pristine Earth as it once was.
* With Adam and Eve’s sin the Earth falls into disharmony. It takes a fallen course and remains in a fallen condition to this day.  Authority is transferred to some fallen angels and so they are permitted to harm the Earth.
* The first generation grass, plants, fruit trees degenerate. Some go extinct. Remaining animals degenerate and some go extinct. Under God’s Providence, the Earth recovers and evolves over millions or billions of years (Scientist study the course of fallen Earth). But it is still fallen and harmed by fallen angels.
* With Adam and Eve’s sins Paradise is permanently disconnected from Earth. Adam and Eve are given their punishments but are also promised a Virgin Woman [Mary] who will crush the head [authority] of the fallen angels.  I also assume that Adam and Eve are put to sleep in Eden as the Earth undergoes a fallen course of evolution.  This is similar to how Enoch and Elias are awaiting their Return in Paradise.
* God casts Adam and Eve out of paradise but leaves most of the first generation mammals in Paradise.
* Adam and Eve are dropped off on the fallen Earth in the modern Middle East millions or billions of years subsequent to Adam’s creation.  Adam and Eve do penance on fallen Earth. They have children develop farming, language, etc.

* Two of Adam and Eve's descendants are taken up to Paradise to await the reign of Antichrist (Enoch and Elias)
* Mary arrives.
* Jesus arrives and restores all things by his death on the Cross, but withholds the full effect of His restoration for the Consummation.


* Jesus Returns, the Resurrection and Last Judgment occur.
* At the future Consummation Jesus casts the fire. All material objects, even all elements are dissolved down to the simplest form of matter, the network of atoms, like in the very beginning.
* God shapes all things new including a New Earth, new plants, new animals, etc. Jesus, Mary, the resurrected Church and a newly minted Jerusalem descend out of the New Heaven.
* New Earth no longer needs a Sun or the Moon since God miraculously lights it up. And so God moves Earth around the New Galaxies so that the resurrected just can enjoy their sight through the sky.       

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Genesis 1:3 The Light Event

At that time Jesus said, "I praise you, Father, Lord of Heaven and Earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children. ---(Mathew 11:25)

If we once realize all this earth as it is, we should find ourselves in a land of miracles: we shall discover a new planet at the moment that we discover our own. Among all the strange things that men have forgotten, the most universal and catastrophic lapse of memory is that by which they have forgotten that they are living on a star. ---(G.K. Chesterton, From The Defendant) 
For the Spirit being one, and holding the place of light, was between the water and the Heaven . . . ---(Theophilus ad Autolycus, Genesis Commentary)
You sent forth your Spirit, they were created, and you renewed the face of the Earth. ---(Psalm 104:30)

While these changes were going on upon the dark globe, I saw, as it were, a streaming forth of light out of that highest of all the spheres, the Godsphere, that sphere in which God dwelt. ---(Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, from Mysteries of the Old Testament)

Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth?
Tell me, if you possess understanding!
Who set its measurements – if you know –

      or who stretched a measuring line across it? 

    ​​​​​​​On what were its bases set,

     or who laid its cornerstone – 

     when the morning stars sang in chorus,

      and all the sons of God shouted for joy? 
(Job 38:4-7)

Genesis 1 is a narrative. A narrative describes consummated events. I assume that the sacred author derived his narrative from a prophetic dream. God stimulated the sacred author’s brain to make a movie, a vision. It was as if the sacred prophet was there when all this he describes happened. After his prophetic dream he committed to writing what he saw. This choice and process of tracing was also stimulated by God in what is usually called Inspiration. The sacred author is making a statement of facts of consummated phenomena that he understood happened in the past.

We could define phenomena as dynamic relations mediated by objects (mediators). A mediator is an object that communicates phenomena between one object and another object. These statement of facts of consummated phenomena derived from prophecy are validated by the Resurrection of Christ Jesus and every other Miracle performed by God in the past, present or future. And so we could call this Script a set of postdictions: descriptions of past events without error.

And God said, “Let light happen”

The first event of the prophetic movie was the light-event. The setting of the light-event is the Earth. This is indisputable. If one even so much suggests energy or Big-Bang as an interpretation in this context, he has to his great shame contradicted the first and second verses of the sacred story. The Big-Bang cannot happen after the Spirit is emitted to an astronomical object named Earth. If one is not happy with the setting of this story I suggest he find another God and another Sacred Script.

The agents collectively consummating the light-event are God who is in Heaven, the Spirit—sent by God to the Earth, moving back and forth over the Earth---
and finally Earth herself. Earth is the target object of the light event. Earth is the target. Earth. God in Heaven and the Spirit connecting Earth to Heaven are the mediators who will consummate the light event. God had moved Himself and Heaven very close to the astronomical object we call Earth. And he emitted the Spirit to Earth so as to act as the go between in this miracle called light.

The sacred author was privy to the light event via a prophetic dream induced by God. With this light event we are really asking ourselves: what happened? Notice I have the Hebrew verb hayah translated as ‘happen’ instead of be or exist. This is a valid interpretation within this context. The meaning implied in this Script is that some sort of dynamic relation happened between God who was in Heaven and the Earth by means of the Spirit of God. 'Exist' or 'be' is a static concept which describes objects, i.e. they stand out, hAve location. Light on the other hand refers to a dynamic concept. Concepts, such as light lack Form, and so light is strictly speaking disqualified from existence or being. Light describes existing objects consummating phenomena.

My interpretation of “And God said” has a double meaning. The Holy Father gave a command to the missive Spirit so as to enact the light event AND the sacred author was made privy to this command by actually hearing God’s description of his conception in the prophetic dream.  God could have simply stimulated the prophet's nerve fibers and auditory cortex responsible for interpreting sound.  Like a dream sometimes it is as if we hear one of our loved ones or friends talking to us out loud when in reality they are no where near.  There is no possible way that a pious Jew would dare quote God unless he was thoroughly convinced and compelled to the degree of prophecy.

In any case, the concept God conceived for his miraculous action is light. Light refers to a dynamic concept, a moving relation. Light is a verb. Has anyone ever seen an object called light??? Does light have form? If it does draw me a picture of light. Is this not obvious? Even the Hebrew word for light is derived from a verb translated: to make luminous. Light is a relationship between two or more objects usually atoms inter-mediated by that invisible fundamental subatomic object which connects all atoms, and from which all atoms derive their form. For simplicity lets just call that nexus a ray as in ray of light. Atoms stimulate one another via these rays connecting them, the same from which they derive their form. But in this our story, the two objects in the dynamic relation are God and Earth and the intermediary is the Spirit of God moving over Earth’s surface. Light figuratively references a miraculous relation between God and Earth via the Spirit who has been sent forth to Earth to be present and act on behalf of the Holy Father, and His only begotten Son. It is implied that God emitted the Spirit to the Earth in Gen 1:2. And so light figuratively refers to God’s dynamic relation with the Earth via the Spirit. God enters into a moving relationship with the Earth.

God uses light as his concept of what he does to the Earth. God worked the Earth similar to how atoms or stars illuminate a target object. It is AS IF God is a star which illuminates another star, in this case a cold and icy dark star, the Earthen star. The Spirit is like a ray and may have even appeared by a gargantuan ray in the prophetic movie which happened in the sacred author's brain. God miraculously stimulated the face of the Earth AS IF a Star, AS IF a Sun. The Earth rotated so that God’s supernatural action mediated by the Spirit eventually stimulated the entire face of the Earth, from east to west, over and back again, in a Divine Day.

In this context day is a figurative, comparative idea used by the sacred author to describe that which was happening.  Time is simply a comparison between two or more motions where one motion is assumed to be regular, cyclical, constant, etc.  The sacred author figured the days he experienced on Earth to this Divine prophetic Day in which God locked himself into with the Earth. This miraculous phenomenon was like the daylight we now experience on Earth in relation to the Sun. The Sun’s action lights up a limited surface area of Earth to frequencies beyond which is what we call darkness. The Sun gets the atoms of the Earth and her atmosphere flickering, but God did much more so, so much so that a modern atmosphere burst forth. And like a present day on Earth in one direction (parallel to the imaginary equatorial plane) it was a Divine morning, in the other direction it is a Divine evening. This is “God divided the light from darkness” concept in the fourth verse along with the evening and morning concepts.

There is also a literal meaning of light in this context. It is perhaps more often than not in prophecies, that a Word of God will assume both literal and figurative meanings, e.g. John the Baptist figuratively prepared the way for Jesus by preparing the people's heart's via preaching and his baptism.  That is not all.  John the Baptist also literally built paths, seats, arbors, baptismal fonts, etc. that Jesus and the Apostles and Disciples would later use. O.k., so God, from Heaven literally lit up the face of the Earth, for the duration He miraculously transfigured her surface. If you were in a spaceship observing the Earth long ago when this Divine light event happened you would see an illuminated Earth shimmering in different colors and her surface features changing, transforming, etc. The sacred prophet saw this in his dream and understood what had happened. But God modeled his Miracles of transforming the face of the Earth just like the days we would understand in the future. It was suppose to be easy to figure out, and yet we have adulterated this Sacred Text with our delusions of grandeur . . . so much so that I am sad to say perhaps only a child would believe this interpretation.

God uses the idea of light to communicate his intention and the work He wrought with the Earth. God, just beyond the Earth in Heaven, makes a connection to the Earth via the Spirit and then stimulates the face of the Earth via the Spirit, in a similar manner that all atoms are connected and stimulate one another via an invisible subatomic nexus. Think of God as an artisan miraculously creating and carving out forms in the Earth’s sluggish surface, via the Spirit, in a singular miraculous light event. Like a laser stylistically etching wood or some other material. Like a beam of light causing plumes of atoms and gas molecules to wrap around the Earth in bands, in layers, in style! God performed elegantly. Like a master pianist, or artist performing stylistically yet with breathtaking efficiency. One can almost taste the grandeur and cutthroat efficiency in the sacred author's chosen word and structure of narrative.

The sacred author’s follow up statement, "And light happened" confirms that this Script is a narrative relating events. Event, happening, phenomenon, occurrence, incident, etc. Whatever you will. Once God completes his act of terraforming, as the Earth naturally rotates, he ceases his miracle, and the Spirit returns to Heaven. The sacred author describes this as God taking rest. God retires at completion of this miracle.  God thoroughly wrought a Deed with great desire. When the Deed was completed, he saw it all, relaxed and enjoyed. The sacred author saw this Deed in prophecy and communicated the Deed in tracing some sort of Hebrew characters.

The Light Event is the Matrix Event of all the Events in Genesis 1 Narrative

God changed the face of the Earth which at that time was an old inactive compressed star (and still is). The Earth was not irradiating a full spectrum. She was dark. Earth was once what they call a free-floating exoplanet, moving between stars. But even before it became an exoplanet it was an active fusing star with a diverse history of marching around our galaxy. Earth began as all stars do, and developed in accord with its original mass. After billions of years of shedding atoms, and after she synthesized molecules, chemicals, crystallized and perhaps acquired some heavy metals and a supplemental water supply . . . after likely billions or in the trillions of Angels rebelled: God established a singular relation with the Earth via the missive Spirit and changed her surface structure, formed a virgin atmosphere, continents, plants, microorganisms, soils, animals and finally Adam and Eve. God changed Earth's color and appearance especially when he placed the Earth near the Sun together with all the other ‘planets’ and our moon reflecting light to her from the Sun.  We can think of all these as sub-events happening within a single unified light event.

In this light event God created immaculate and prototypical plant and animals as well as the Garden and made everything we love on the Earth such as the atmosphere, landmasses, the seas, some mountains, hills, lakes, etc. AS IT FIRST WAS in a virgin state before sin entered through Adam and Eve and so God cursed it and it has had to suffer various harms and evolution ever since. Microorganisms originated with the miraculous creation of the first plants and animals and the resurfacing of the Earth with fertile soils; these in an ecosystem. God created the original microorganisms to have a beneficial symbiotic relationship with the prototypical plants and animals and entire Earth, especially our soil. God also moved the the Sun and the Moon together with the Earth so that the Earth would move around the Sun and benefit from her rays and the Moon would also benefit the Earth. Prior to this the Earth was a wandering star, marching around the galaxy near the newer Sun. The atmosphere then lit up for the first time by the Sun and the plants were stimulated by her rays.

This event is the light event. A single, unique, utterly miraculous, and extraordinary event which had not happened prior or has not happened since in all the vast history of what we call Universe. The light event, as I call it did not take long at all. It was a sudden and spontaneous transformation that culminated in the creation of Adam and Eve with God temporarily retiring, leaving Adam and Eve to their own thoughts and deliberate actions in Paradise. The light-event was a stunning miracle, yes shocking by today’s unimaginative and unbelieving standards. It could have taken place billions of years ago. The when is a moot point. It doesn’t matter when. Who really cares?

It must be understood in no uncertain terms that this verse does not refer to a creation of light from nothing or by way of anything. God did not create a physical entity called light since light refers to a concept of a physical phenomenon constantly performed by atomic and invisible subatomic objects. Light is an action performed by physical mediators namely atoms and those hypothetical continuous physical entities between all atoms. These mediate light signals to and from all atoms of the universe (c squared). God did not literally create light, rather God created the objects that do the work of light between all atoms of the universe. They act between atoms and their action is rooted in the atoms. Light is our concept, invoking the action of all these objects. God used this concept that he understood we would conceive, so as to communicate his Miracle with the Earth. But the invisible objects that perform the work of light, acting between atoms, I suppose were first created at the miraculous event of creation ex nihilo which happened a long, long time before the supernatural event described in Genesis 1:3.

Earth is Elect

Genesis 1:3 refers to the initiation of a supernatural phenomenon, or of a Divine event, or a Divine action or in an integral sense a process worked by God (One Day, second day, third day, fourth and so on). The light event is the matrix or root description of the entire narrative. The light event subsumes all the events of the entire narrative. This process is not a physical process worked by Mother Nature (so to speak). It is rather a Divine process in which the Three Divine Persons, namely the Father and the Son and the Spirit, act as mediators. The Three, by their inherent quality called Almighty, move to transform the face of the pre-existing and predefined astronomical object called the Earth. An object called light IS NOT the target object of their miraculous action. Earth is the target object of their miraculous action, figuratively conceived by God as light.

The phenomenon described in Gen 1:3 is supernatural, miraculous, suprarational, wonderful. Oh God my miracle! God miraculously terraformed this old dark star. And this Divine phenomenon was not imparted to any other star in the Universe in all history. Earth is elect. Earth is graced. God desired her. God initiated his relationship with planet Earth by renewing it, reshaping its surface, reforming it. He made it his special object with a goal of Christ Jesus and all his plans with the human family. In the light event, the Holy Father prepared Earth as an altar for Jesus. The result of the light miracle is that the Earth transformed from an old dark star to what is communicated in Genesis One: A renewed star, with bright places, a layered sphere, living entities, a place around the Sun, animals, and Man, specifically the first male and female of the human family, named Adam and Eve. God elected this astronomical object from its foundation as a bright yellow main sequence star, however the light event is its formal adoption into God’s plan, yes God’s plan not Mother Nature’s plan.

This said, Earth's election IN NO WAY IMPLIES that Earth is the center of a concept called Universe or that the Sun revolves around the Earth like the puerile neo-Geocentrists still think. This Sacred Script has nothing to do with the Grecian doctrine of Geocentrism, and everything to do with this supernatural light event God enacted with the Earth.

God stimulated the Earth like no other. He graced her. He, Personally, transfigured her. He worked her. And he continues to do this this in subtle ways in spite of the fact we are destroying her. But God chose and loved Earth above all others. There will never be another star like Earth. And we are not even to the end yet, for God will make the Earth new yet again after the Resurrection and Last Judgment. God will form a New Earth from the ashes of the old.

Again, even if I am redundant: The light miracle begins this astronomical object’s history of being intimately associated with God. God connects Himself, attaches Himself, to the Earth via the Spirit and ultimately via Christ Jesus: forever. This dynamic relationship began with the light miracle of Genesis One. God initiates His association with Earth by changing the surface of the planet. God has not done this with any other star/planet. Only Earth. This is Earth’s uniqueness. This is the difference between Earth and all other astronomical objects however they are classified. I don’t care how similar other planets may seem to the Earth, none of them have undergone the light miracle of Genesis One, nor have any of them housed Christ Jesus and Mankind.

Like I said, this event initiated by God and described in the simple and humble words . . . . is singular, unique, one of a kind. Nothing like this miracle happened before it and nothing like it has happened since. The only other forecast event I can think of that is anything like the light-event is perhaps the future creation of the New Earth.

God goes out of Himself. God reached out to an astronomical object called the Earth and transformed it for Christ Jesus and us. It is as if he married Earth.  He made it OUR home and one of his future homes in the New Earth when he will descend.  And in spite of our sins and tendencies to sin and ruin all that is good and beautiful; Earth is obviously still very precious and God will regenerate again after the Tribulation.    

Add-On I: What the light is NOT

The light does not reference the faithful Angels. The narrative is clearly focused on an object called Earth. Earth is described by the sacred author with surface features, namely an abyss with its synonym the waters, prior to the main event. If you take the interpretive route of Angels you have to explain why the darkness representing the fallen angels is communicated prior to the good Angels. And you have to explain what the earth was an astonishing-desert, with darkness over the face of the abyss, etc. What do these figuratively represent and how do they fit into the unified-integrated, consistent flow of the narrative? One cannot explain these without stretching the language too far beyond that of reason, critical thinking, rational analysis. We perform these once we assume Faith.

The light does not represent the light of the Big-Bang. The Big-Bang is a modern myth even according to its adherents. Besides if the light were the light of the Big-Bang then the second verse would have to be interpreted as pre Big-Bang which would be blatantly absurd. Would Earth refer to a primeval atom? Then you are on the level of a drunken stoner named Edgar Allan Poe. He interpreted the second verse as the primeval atom.

The light does not resolve to the light from the Sun. The Sun is not mentioned until the fourth event of the narrative.

The light does not resolve to the stars and galaxies. Genesis One is a prophetic narrative. Prophetic authors usually do not narrate didactic categories. They don't fop around with categories. The only part that is even remotely didactic is the fourth part when God and the sacred author explain why the Earth was placed in a system in relation to the Sun and other planets. That is easy to understand. For the plants God had formed, and later mankind would use the motion of the Earth in a comparative relation called time. Yet again, the sacred author is narrating a prophetically observed event, a supernatural phenomenon which he observed via prophecy just like Blessed Anne Catherine. He describes these events with detachment.  To him they no doubt happened. Something happened to the Earth. Besides if the light represented a category of stars and galaxies the second verse would have to be prior to the stars and galaxies. It would be describing matter’s creation ex nihilo? Then where would you go from there? What would the expanse/firmament represent? Our galaxy or our solar system?

The light does not resolve to the natural light described and explained in physics. The objects that perform the work of light were created at matter’s creation ex nihilo, before there was an Earth which is clearly described as an object (that which has form) in the first and second verses. The mediator of light between atoms is DNA like, an intertwining thread, that constantly waves in a mode of torsion. This invisible and fundamental subatomic object mediates twisting signals to and from all atoms, in a manner described by c = frequency * linklength. This same entity mediates gravity. The atom derives its form from this fundamental entity and also uses it to perform electricity and magnetism. The second verse would have no meaning if the third verse light resolved to natural light.

Add-On II: Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich's Version

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich had a similar vision concerning the light event to that of the sacred author.

Blessed Anne describes:

Immediately after the prayer of the faithful choirs and that movement in the Godhead, I saw below me, not far from and to the right of the world of shadows, another dark globe arise [Earth]. 
I fixed my eyes steadily upon it. I beheld it as if in movement, growing larger and larger, as it were, bright spots breaking out upon it and encircling it like luminous bands. Here and there, they stretched out into brighter, broader plains, and at that moment I saw the form of the land setting boundaries to the water. In the bright places I saw a movement as of life, and on the land I beheld vegetation springing forth and myriads of living things arising. Child that I was, I fancied the plants were moving about. 
Up to this moment, there was only a gray light like the sunrise, like early morn breaking over the earth, like nature awakening from sleep. And now all other parts of the picture faded. The sky became blue, the sun burst forth, but I saw only one part of the earth lighted up and shining. That spot was charming, glorious, and I thought: Theres Paradise! 
While these changes were going on upon the dark globe, I saw, as it were, a streaming forth of light out of that highest of all the spheres, the Godsphere, that sphere in which God dwelt. 
It was as if the sun rose higher in the heavens, as if bright morning were awakening. It was the first morning. No created being had any knowledge of it, and it seemed as if all those created things had been there forever in their unsullied innocence. As the sun rose higher, I saw the plants and trees growing larger and larger. The waters became clearer and holier, colors grew purer and brighter everything was unspeakably charming. Creation was not then as it is now. Plants and flowers and trees had other forms. They are wild and misshapen now compared with what they were, for all things are now thoroughly degenerate. 
Before the sun appeared, earthly things were puny; but in his beams they gradually increased in size, until they attained full growth. 
The trees did not stand close together. Of all plants, at least of the largest, I saw only one of each kind, and they stood apart like seedlings set out in a garden bed. Vegetation was luxuriant, perfectly green, of a species pure, sound, and exempt from decay. (From Mysteries of the Old Testament)
Add-On III

I offer my simplistic visual conception and comments of what the sacred author may have seen in his prophetic state. Serious theologians and scripture scholars might raise their eye brows at something like this but I don't care. I assume the sacred author underwent a prophetic dream stimulated by God. His brain experienced a prophetic 3D movie that represented what really happened. And he describes a SETTING and EVENTS. Someone should be able to draw a crude picture of what he saw in prophecy. Of course it was much more wonderful than this:

I hereby retire from this interpretation.  What happened after Adam and Eve sinned and were transported by God from Paradise to a radically different Earth where all the plant and animal kingdoms had evolved in a fallen course for many years will be made clear when Enoch and Elijah return from Paradise.

Thank you God.  The END.     

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A Speculative Origin of Enuma Elish

Bel-Marduk is a Babylonian god who is elevated in the Babylonian creation myth called Enuma Elish. This creation myth is often associated with Genesis 1. Some speculate that Genesis 1 was an offshoot of Enuma Elish.

So just who is this Bel-Marduk. And where did his ridiculous myth come from?

Bel-Marduk is a concept generated from the life of Nimrod. After Nimrod died he was worshiped as a god under the title Bel or the name Marduk. After a few generations, knowledge of the association between Nimrod and Bel and Marduk faded away.

Nimrod was a son of Cush who was the son of Ham. He was a thoroughly evil and degenerate person. He was the Hitler of his time. Nimrod was involved in the project of building the immense city-tower called Babel. Many tribes were associated in building this city-tower and Nimrod was one of the chiefs among them. When the work on the tower stopped Nimrod took power over remaining tribes who did not migrate from Babel. So it is written in Genesis:
And the first part of his kingdom is Babel, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar; from that land he hath gone out to Asshur, and buildeth Nineveh, even the broad places of the city, and Calah, and Resen, between Nineveh and Calah; it [is] the great city. (Young's Literal Translation)

Nimrod rose to power after the event of the confusing of the tongues. He used the bricks of the halted Babel project to lay foundations for the cities that later united into the Babylonian empire. I do not think that Babel is Babylon. Babel was built on a rise surrounded by a plain. Babylon was built by the river. Nimrod had the bricks and stones moved. The bricks and stones of the Tower were used to build a first foundation of Babylon, whatever it was. I do not think Nimrod was ever a king-proper, he was simply the most powerful tyrant of the region. He was a founder of cities and of a race. Later these cities he founded had kings.

Nimrod was involved in all sorts of devilry, idolatry and astrology. For many years he worked on a system of idolatry chalk full of gods, idols, myths, pseudo-prophecies, and rituals which he passed down to his subjects (I take this and some other stuff from Blessed Anne). He probably drew some concepts and names from the debris of Sumer. He even made priests for his system. Nimrod was also involved in famous hunting expeditions and sired many children. A daughter and granddaughter of his were also very powerful and later worshiped as goddesses.

Enuma Elish is a piece of hogwash. It ultimately came from the idolatry and idolatrous system of Nimrod. Nimrod was the first to draw up the fictional histories of the Babylonian gods used in Enuma Elish. The story probably got copied and recreated from the passing down of Nimrod's teachings and writings. The Tiamat/chaos elements were probably originally conceived of by Nimrod who lived not long after the Flood event. Only there is a twist in all of this. Nimrod under the name of Marduk enters into his own fictional history and becomes the creator god! Whether they knew it or not the Babylonians were worshiping a concept referring to Nimrod under the names Bel-Marduk.

The fact that scholars actually take this stuff seriously and make claims such as Genesis 1 being heavily influenced by Enuma Elish is a testimony that establishments are confused, wild in their concepts and more or less full of hogwash. That anyone would even conceive of Genesis 1 having anything to do with the piece of idolatrous filth known as Enuma Elish is naive, foolish and idiotic.

The holy writer of Genesis 1 could not have cared less about Babylonian myth. I assume he did not even know that Enuma Elish existed. Some of the speculative associations and speculative events that circulate in books and institutions are just made up and treated like some wise doctrine. It is as if Nimrod is having his revenge on God in the future; for today, one cannot even read a Genesis 1 commentary or interpretation without the filth of Enuma Elisha sullying it. It was said by Blessed Anne that Nimrod resented God for having enacted the Flood.

Genesis 1-2:3 is derived from a seer who saw and understood what God did. God mystically induced him to conceptualize past events (perhaps in a prophetic dream) which he described in the script. Genesis 1 is a postdiction: a description of past events without error. Some of the word concepts he employs, such as evening and morning, one day, second day, third, etc. have specialized-prophetic meanings that refer to the unique phenomenon of God manifesting Himself in a miraculous transfiguration of the physical astronomical object: Earth. When God went to work it was like the Earth's first daytime, for Earth was an old dark wandering star prior to the events described in Genesis One. These prophetic concepts have nothing to do with 24 hour cycles, or yearly cycles, or anything of a Western temporal concept. It is not like the seer had a clock and was measuring the time God took to do his work then decided to use the word day as a figurative concept. And the days of Genesis 1 certainly have nothing to do with the generations of Babylonian gods.


That is all one need know about Enuma Elish.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Waters of Genesis 1:2 and a Summary

In a beginning, God had created the form of Heaven and the form of EarthAnd when Earth existed as an astonishing-desert with darkness over a face of abyssAnd the Spirit of God oscillating over the face of the waters.  (my translation)

What the Waters Gave Me

The waters of Gen 1:2 are textually inserted as parallel to the abyss. Abyss refers to a concept. It could be defined as a gathering or a body or a supply of waters regardless of where the waters are located. The abyss could be located over the crust as in the oceans or within the crust as in the fresh water reserves. Here the sacred author prophetically conceived and understood that the Earth's surface consisted of a water supply just prior to the light-event. He clarifies or reinforces his conception by restating a face of waters in a parallel structure.

My interpretation is that the Earth is an old transitioned star. In her transitional process from an active-fusing star to the inactive condition of today: outer layers of oxygen atoms and hydrogen atoms synthesized to H2O molecules and eventually settled to the surface, perhaps even helping the old star cool and form a primitive crust. Earth's water supply is for the most part homegrown.  Perhaps one could assume that there was
 liquid hydrogen in the surface of the Earth star and this liquid hydrogen was exposed to a supply of oxygen fused in the star itself.  The liquid hydrogen reacted and the natural byproduct is H2O vapor. Water vapor condenses, falls to the surface over a long time and there are your oceans. Simple as that. Its a simple reaction. Liquid hydrogen and oxygen naturally produce water without any need of light stimulant. Perhaps a trace of H20 was assumed in Earth's orbit around the galaxy.  For example she may have passed through several interstellar clouds in her galactic rotation and assumed traces of H20 or even D20 (deuterium oxide).

The sacred author conceptualized Earth in a prophetic trance or dream state of the brain causally imparted by God, as she was prior to the light event. At that time she could have been tens of billions of years old, maybe older (note I reject Big-Bang and nebular hypothesis). She was moving between stars, not far away from a newer star, our Sun and not yet locked into an orbital system with the Sun. Her surface consisted of real H2O molecules and a host of chemicals such as methane, ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other volatiles. The waters may have have been frozen over completely because of the mingling of chemicals. Perhaps a there were thin layers of ice covering bodies of water and chemicals as well as a primitive crust like the Jovian satellite Europa is conceived.  This is how the Earth could on one hand be described as a tohu wabohu (astonishing-desert) and yet on the other hand described as containing a water supply.

In the light event God causes an atmosphere to burst out, establishes landmasses and the waters settle to become the pristine Seas in which God forms the first generation sea creatures through which many modern species descended.

Summary of Genesis 1:1-2

In a beginning, God had created the form of Heaven and the form of Earth

'In a beginning' refers to an undefined and ambiguous comparison of motion conceived by the sacred author so as to communicate creative events that occurred prior to the main light-event described in Genesis 1:3. Prior to the light-event prophetically witnessed by the sacred author, God created the Heaven and the Earth. The Heaven refers to an object which God built around Himself, not the sky or space, or the universe. Call it the Heaven of God, the Heaven of the Blessed or the God-Sphere. The Earth refers to our planet, and yet our planet is an ancient star transformed out of its active-fusing stage. Earth is a transformed star. She stopped fusing but continued to compress, cool, shed outer layers, synthesize chemicals, crystallize, naturally form layers such as a crust, etc. The sacred author explicitly traced a Hebrew Aleph-Thao designation to communicate that the Heaven and the Earth as he saw and understood them are two distinct objects with form. Furthermore these two objects are participants in the events of the Genesis 1 narrative.  God moves His Heaven near the Earth, establishes a connection via the Spirit and miraculously transforms her in the light-event which is conceptually divided into sub-events (second, third, fourth, etc).
And when Earth was an astonishing-desert with darkness over a face of abyssAnd the Spirit of God oscillating over the face of the waters

Genesis 1:2 is a condensed description of the Earth just prior to the light-event: when the Earth was so on and so forth God did this and that. Genesis 1 is a script derived from a prophetic experience. The author's brain was induced by God to see and hear a movie of what God did to the Earth when no one was there to see it. After the prophecy the sacred author decided to trace what he conceptualized via his prophetically induced brain. The Genesis 1 script could be called a postdiction defined (by me) as a description of past events without error.

The Earth is not a figure that refers to matter or Universe.  The sacred author conceived of the entire Earth (as if viewing it from space) as a super-desert. I suppose no human prior to the sacred author saw the Earth as it was prior to the light-event. He conceived of an object that seemed inconceivable even different in appearance than a full moon. Thus he communicated his vision by creatively inventing a new word-unit, the Hebrew tohu wabohu that I have translated as astonishing-desert. In reality the Earth was something like an ice planet, moving between stars, surrounded by the cold darkness of space. At the time the surface consisted of a supply of H2O mingled with many other chemicals covering the crust, mantle and core. Perhaps the surface waters were partially frozen.  

The Spirit of God is the Third Divine Person of the Trinity. The sacred author prophetically conceived of the Spirit as if an oscillating beam of light connecting God from Heaven to the Earth. I think the sacred author prophetically conceived of the Spirit's motion, but had no verb to communicate what he saw.  And so he invented a new verb, the Hebrew marahepet and modified it into a primitive form of what we call the Pi'el participle.  The Father and the Son emitted the Spirit to the Earth so as to miraculously impart causal action and fulfill the commands of her Divinely planned transformation.  This happened after the fall of some of the Angels. The change that the Earth underwent included the formation of the first modern atmosphere, a carving of the landmasses bounded by a gathering of surface waters not kicked up into the atmosphere, and the creation of a host of prototypes of the plant and animal kingdoms with Adam and Eve as well as the miraculous guidance of the Earth into an locked gravitational orbit with the Sun and the Moon with the Earth. In the same light-event God may have also miraculously guided in some of the other planets of our system (described by the sacred author as the stars in Gen 1:16).  At the conclusion Earth's appearance changed in the miraculous light of God, and then was naturally lit up by the Sun. To an observer of the events, she changed color, surface structure and of course had the prototypical life form moving all by themselves on the surface.  Prior to the light-event there were no living objects on any other star and there never will be because God chose a single star out of zillions.  Earth is elect, unique, singular, chosen by God, and so on.  The Spirit has not been sent to any other star.  

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The Spirit of God in Genesis 1:2 (Part II)

For the Spirit being one, and holding the place of light, was between the water and the Heaven, (Theophilus ad Autolycus, Genesis Commentary)


My Translation of Genesis 1:1-2

In a beginning, God had created the form of Heaven and the form of Earth, and when Earth existed as an astonishing-desert with darkness over a face of abyss, and the Spirit of God oscillating over the face of the waters.

I am of the opinion that Genesis 1 is a Sacred Text based on a prophecy. I assume that this Sacred Script is based off of a vision God mediated to a holy ancient (perhaps Job, or Moses, or Solomon in his height of holiness and wisdom). I raised some questions in my last post such as

How did the Spirit appear to the sacred author in the miraculous vision?
Why did the Spirit appear the way He did?
What Divine concept was conveyed to us via the vision and tracing of the sacred author?

I will answer these questions in an interpretive theory and this will lead me into an interpretation of the Hebrew word merahepet.

Supernatural Event

Before I attempt to answer these questions I want to call to mind that in the Sacred Scripts an emission of the Spirit accompanies a supernatural event or a duration of a miraculous phenomenon. In context of Divine Revelation, supernatural refers to a concept that God performs that which is genuinely impossible, inconceivable, suprarational, extraordinary to the brain. A genuine miracle worked by God cannot be scientifically explained, or formally validated using petty logic. My God is a God of genuine miracles. God does that which is impossible in terms of Mother Nature.

When God effuses the Spirit to an object such as Jesus, or Mary, or the young Church gathered together in the Upper Room, a supernatural phenomenon occurs. The Father does not send the Spirit on a whim, right? Nor does He send the Spirit to merely overlook or guide natural processes, right? Angels can administer providence. The sending forth of the Spirit is an extraordinary favor that usually induces a supernatural event, right? God is a God of miracles, right? We do not need P.H.D.'s or letters behind our names to figure this out . . . right?

Examples of the Spirit described as mediating a supernatural phenomenon in the Sacred Script should be obvious to any Christian. It is important that I at least given one example since this argument underlies my interpretation of Genesis 1. Lets take the Incarnation for an example:

From the Gospel of Matthew: After his mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph, before they lived together, she was found to have conceived in her womb by the Holy Spirit.
From the Gospel of Luke: And in response, the Angel said to her: “The Holy Spirit will pass over you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. And because of this also, the Holy One who will be born of you shall be called the Son of God.

Description from the visions of Blessed Anne: The ceiling of the room vanished, and over the house appeared a luminous cloud with a pathway of light leading up from it to the opened heaven. Far up in the source of this light, I beheld a vision of the Most Holy Trinity. It was like a triangle of glory, and I thought that I saw therein the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. As Mary uttered the words: "May it be done unto me according to thy word!" I saw an apparition [appearance] of the Holy Ghost. The countenance was human and the whole apparition surrounded by dazzling splendor, as if surrounded by wings. From the breast and hands, I saw issuing three streams of light. They penetrated the right side of the Blessed Virgin and united into one under her heart. . . She, entirely absorbed in self, saw in herself the Incarnate Son of God, a tiny, human form of light with all the members, even to the little fingers perfect. It was about midnight that I saw this mystery.

There are also the examples of the Baptism of Jesus and Pentecost. There are also some examples of Old Testament prophets or kings induced to perform some extraordinary action via the Spirit.

It is no different in the event described in Genesis 1. The Spirit is sent to mediate a supernatural event that is unique in the history of the Universe. Anyone who attempts to interpret the events of Genesis 1 as natural physical processes has overlooked the formidable presence of the Spirit of God in this Text. When the Spirit is present, a unique supernatural event takes place. Do you really think that the sacred author just inserted a description of the Spirit of God as a little side note? I do not. I think He saw a significant apparition of the Spirit and prophetically witnessed a stupendous miracle unlike any other in history of the Universe.

Law of Causality Applied to Frame the Context

The Spirit was sent to Personally mediate (impart causal actions) to the target Earth. The causal actions are miraculous, done at the Divine Will. Earth's face changes as the Spirit imparts a miraculous stimulation. The output of the events is a transfigured Earth orbiting the Sun with living objects on its surface including Adam and Eve. At event-consummation the God retires from His miraculous work.

I suppose that the Earth was an old dark star moving in our galaxy close to the newer Sun, but not yet locked into a gravitational relation (inverse square regime, orbit). When the Spirit was sent to the Earth, Earth was located between stars or interstellar space as we say. I suppose that God moved Heaven near to the Earth and emitted the Spirit to the Earth, thus establishing a singular connection between God and the Earth. God locked Himself into a relationship with the Earth via the Spirit, and the Spirit mediated God's Desires in view of Christ Jesus. The Spirit effectively changes the face of the Earth in a course of miraculous events that are traced by the sacred author in the Genesis 1 narrative.

The sacred author was privy to God's conceptualization and choices.  And he saw the miraculous 'change effects' of the Earth's face imparted by the Spirit in the duration of the light event. Genesis 1 is not a narrative of the Universe's creation ex nihilo. It is rather a narrative of the Earth's change or her transformation.  I call it the light-event. This is a unique supernatural phenomenon divided into sub-phenomena for the sake of clarity (i.e. the events of the second day, third day, fourth, etc.). The Mediators of the light event are the Father, the Son, and the missive Spirit. The target object is the Earth. At the light event's consummation there is an output that is a transfigured Earth orbiting the Sun with a new atmosphere, and living objects on the surface including Adam and Eve. The Moon (another old dark star) is also brought into a locked gravitational system with the Earth.

Let me restate this again. I assume that the Earth was a naturally transformed star swinging around the galactic core. Its metric of motion (time) is inestimable. It could have existed for tens of billions of years prior to the light event described in Genesis 1:3. At some juncture of the past, maybe a few billion years ago, God moves Heaven close to the Earth, sends the Spirit to the Earth and changes her.  We cannot see or detect the Heaven of God since it is not woven into our network of atoms. The Heaven of God and the Blessed is like a cloaked system. It is just beyond the imaginary plane of our solar system. When a mother points up to the sky and says to her child, "That is where God lives" she is not telling a lie.

The missive Spirit of God imparted a supernatural causal action to the Earth's surface, effectively changing her face and guiding her into a locked orbit around the Sun all in accord with the Divine commands related in Genesis 1. There is nothing natural about my interpretation. God defies Mother Nature.

And there is nothing mainstream about my interpretation. The planetary scientists speculate that there are billions of possible Earth like planets with a 'potential' for hosting life in our galaxy alone. But I assume that none of them host living objects since none of them have received the Spirit of God. Their Goldilocks's zone is an artificial concept that assumes living entities can form via mere physical processes and without the favor of the missive Spirit.

The establishment also supposes that the Earth formed in the same collection of gas and dust as the Sun, but I assume that the Earth is an evolved star or a compressed-inactive star that orbited the galactic core for billions and billions of years prior to God moving into a locked system with the Sun. God figuratively locked Himself into a singular relationship with this our old dark star. No other star in the Universe is similar to the Earth.

Before moving on let me summarize the context using Aristotle's Law of Causality:

Aristotle’s Law of Causality is stated as follows:

A Mediator or Mediators (object A) impart causal action to a Target (object B)

The Law of Causality was originally meant to be applied to physical objects but I will slightly modify for my context. In this context object A is God: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. So we will label object A as A1, A2, A3. This context is unique since the Spirit (object A3) is emitted from the Father (object A1) and the Son (object A2) in Heaven to the Earth, thus establishing a supernatural connection so as to miraculously interact with the Earth. The Spirit (A3) mediates the chosen concepts of the Father and the Son (object A1 and object A2). Object B is the Earth, specifically her surface as it was sometime in the past, perhaps billions of years ago and prior to the appearance of life and moving between stars.

Its specific application in the context of the Light-Event (or Transfiguration of the Earth) could be stated as follows:

Mediators (object A1, A2, A3) impart causal action to a Target (object B). At event consummation, there is a resulting Output (object C)

Object C is the changed Earth. Her appearance is transfigured with the additions of a new atmosphere, defined landmasses, defined oceans, and living objects moving on their own on Earth's surface in spite of gravity. The event consummation is described by the sacred author in his seventh day.

The concepts pertaining to the Light-Event are:

Cause: The “act” of miraculously imparting action with the Earth (object B) as performed by God (object A1, A2, A3).

Effect: The “change” realized by the Earth (object B) during the duration of the “causal action” imparted by God (object A1, A2, A3). .

Light-Event: The phenomenon of transfiguration from initiation of transfiguration (There will be light!), to termination of transfiguration described as God blessing his work and ceasing from his work. An event is always consummated. The sacred author clearly understood this.

The actors participating in the Light-Event are:

Object A: The Mediator object (Father A1, Son A2, and Spirit A3) imparting “causal action”.
Object B: The Target object (the Earth) undergoing “change effect”.
Object C: The Output object (transfigured Earth) resulting from the consummated event.

Remember “Cause” and “effect” are verbs. They resolve to concepts conceived by Aristotle or some other Greek. Concepts do not refer to objects. A concept invokes or embodies two or more objects (that which has form). There is no such thing as ‘a’ cause or ‘an’ event; ‘a’ cause or ‘an’ event does not exist. Only objects, like God and the Earth exist.  Cause is a concept that refers to what object A (God) does to object B (Earth). Effect is a concept that refers to the “change” realized by object B (Earth) during the duration of the “causal action” imparted by object A (God). An event is a specific phenomenon from the initiation of the phenomenon to the consummation of the phenomenon. A phenomenon is a dynamic relation of objects mediated by objects.

Light Event:

1) At light-event initiation, the Mediator (A3, or the Spirit) moves toward the Target object (the Earth) and imparts a miraculous interaction with the Earth in accord with A1 and A2's command.

2) At this stage, the Spirit has imparted “causal action” to the Target object.

3) Simultaneously with 2, “change effect” is realized by the Target object while supernaturally interacting with the Mediator, specifically A3.

4) At light-event termination, the phenomenon is formally termed: Consummated Event

The Light-Event is a single event (One Day) broken down into sub-events clarified by the sacred author using the figure of days modified by ordinal numbers (second day, third day, etc.).

The Spirit Appeared to the Sacred Prophet as a Ray extending from the Heaven to the Earth

The Spirit of God changed the Earth. He is the intervening object between God and the Earth. The Father and the Son also impart supernatural causal action to the Earth, since God always acts as One, but they do this by way of the Spirit which they emitted. The sacred prophet must have seen something in his vision, otherwise how could he have described a Spirit of God moving over the Earth's surface waters? So my question is just how did the Spirit choose to appear to the sacred author in the dynamic of the prophecy?

The sending forth of the Spirit is rooted in God's decision: Let light happen. The Divine word concept 'Let light happen' has a superficial meaning as well as a deeper meaning. The superficial meaning is that God literally lit up the surface of the Earth in the work of this event. God literally stimulated the entire surface of the cold dark Earth and in this her atoms tapped into the subatomic objects which mediate light at higher frequencies. If there was an observer in orbit he would register the change of colors.

The deeper meaning is that God locks Himself into a dynamic relationship with the Earth so as to induce Her transfiguration. Light is a phenomenon. A phenomenon is a dynamic relation of objects mediated by a connected object(s). In the case of light phenomena, atoms stimulate atoms via subatomic objects which interconnect all hydrogen atoms (or protons and neutrons of the Universe) in addition to serving so as to impart form to them all. This invisible physical mediator connecting all atoms has a form like a double twined thread and has unique properties. But the important point to take from this assumption is that all that atoms of the Universe are connected by this fundamental subatomic object, these invisible rays.

In Genesis 1 the Spirit is the 'oscillating mediator'. The sacred prophet saw the Spirit appear as if an oscillating ray extending from God in Heaven down to the Earth. Now this might sound ridiculous but it is consistent with the command "Let light happen" as well as the prophetic experiences given to other Saints. In Blessed Anne's description of the light-event Blessed Anne said she saw a beam of light:

While these changes were going on upon the dark globe, I saw, as it were, a streaming forth of light out of that highest of all the spheres, the Godsphere, that sphere in which God dwelt. (Mysteries of the Old Testament)

In other words she saw a beam of light extend from Heaven to the Earth with the caveat, 'as it were'. The stream of light was not a physical phenomenon rather representative of a Divine phenomenon, namely the Spirit sent from God and imparting causal action to the Earth.

Theopholus of Antioch, a second century Church Father interprets the Spirit as 'holding the place of light' between Heaven and the waters of Earth's surface:

For the Spirit being one, and holding the place of light, was between the water and the Heaven, (Theophilus ad Autolycus, Genesis Commentary)

It is as if the Holy Spirit is a Ray of Light in the vision. This is significant, because the set of objects that mediate light between, or to and from all the atoms of the Universe, literally connects them all, and more all atoms assume their form from these invisible subatomic objects. So, the Spirit of God appearing as a Ray of Light in the vision shows that God is making a connection with the Earth. Earth is in the spotlight. No other astronomical object gets this sort of treatment.

The sacred author/prophet saw this beam of light so as to relay the mediation of the Spirit to us in words. The Spirit appeared or is prophetically represented as an effusing or extending ray of light from God in Heaven to the Earth. The symbolism is clear. The Spirit is a Mediator who connects the Earth to God in Heaven and stimulates the Earth. God mediates a supernatural work to the Earth's surface via the Spirit similar to an active-fusing star working the surface of a dark inactive star (a planet) via their EM connectors. God conceived of his miracle based on His previous works of the Universe namely the creation of atoms with their fundamental subatomic objects, and the formation of stars and their interrelations with other stars in a system.

The Hebrew Merahepet

Merahepet (transliterated) is the Hebrew action word assigned to the Spirit of God. The form of the word is a Pi'el singular participle of the verb root rahap. I assume rahap refers to a concept meaning to move back and forth or to and from. All verbs are a manner of motion. Like the Hebrew tohu wabohu this word is extremely rare (used only one other time in the Bible) and could be used as another argument that this Text is based off of a prophecy. The sacred author clearly wrote about extraordinary events and circumstances that could be described using rare words. How did he conceive of these events? God mediated a prophetic experience in the sacred author's brain.

Some have the Pi'el participle translated as 'hovering'. This translation is derived from usage of the verb 'rahap' in the Book of Deuteronomy 32:11 where the LORD is figuratively described as an eagle that moves over its young. A variation of this concept is 'fluttering'. The problem with this translation is that the Spirit of God is not figuratively described as a bird in the Genesis 1 context. It doesn't seem consistent with the Text that the sacred author visualized the Spirit of God hovering or fluttering over an entire planet in an eagle like apparition. So an analogous translation of the Pi'el rahap should be discarded for this context.

Other choose a more conservative translation such as 'the Spirit of God moved over', etc., etc. or 'the Spirit of God was brought over' etc., etc. Latin tradition). These translations are generic. All verbs are a manner of motion. This Hebrew verb is a manner of motion. The root of merahepet could have been conceptualized from understanding a mother bird in relation to its young, or it could have been conceptualized by understanding another natural phenomena. Or perhaps the sacred author of Genesis 1 conceived of the concept signaled in the trace of the new verb merahepet via his prophetic experience! He saw an object appear to move back and forth on Earth's surface. In this context merahepet refers to a prophetic conceptualization of the movement of the Holy Spirit. The sacred author experienced a prophetic dream and conceived of his own concepts signaled by new words such as tohu wabohu and merahepet.

Merahepet could simply refer to a bi-directional motion such as the move alternatively back and forth. Perhaps the author of Deuteronomy adopted this verb from Genesis 1 so as to describe the motion of an eagle. The Hebrew interlinear CHES 2.0 version has merahepet translated as 'vibrating'.

I have the merahepet translated as 'oscillating' since I suppose the sacred author envisioned a ray of light emanating from God in Heaven to the Earth. This beam could have appeared to be oscillating between God in Heaven and the Earth. And of course I have already explained that this oscillating ray refers to an apparition of the Spirit and his causal action.

Another interesting note is that the verb is in a Hebrew Pi'el form. This form is interesting, as if it were tailor made for Trinitarian relations. Here is an excerpt taken from Jones:

. . .[Pi'el] indicates bringing about a state. Hebrew uses the Piel when the subject is putting the object into the state or condition corresponding to the meaning of the verb root. The object thus takes part in the action as a passive, secondary subject. Being a state, the action tends to be habitual or ongoing. ***

In terms of the linguistic form of the Hebrew Pi'el, the Father and the Son are the subjects, and the Spirit is the object. The Father and the Son are putting the Spirit into the continuous state of 'oscillating' over the Earth's surface. This is representative of the Spirit's causal action: a supernatural relation that stimulates Earth, changes her and puts out new forms, e.g. living objects. And the Spirit as a passive secondary subject takes part in the action. So in other words the Spirit moved toward the Earth on His own. The Spirit participates in His motion since the Three Persons act as One. The Spirit is a Mediator, A3 (as in above). He actively imparts causal action and this work is One with the Father and the Son who it is assumed in the narrative to have sent the Spirit and communicate 'commands' to the extended Spirit. The Hebrew Piel is custom-made by Divine Providence to communicate to the Holy Spirit’s Mission.

*** Jones, Scott Walker (2003) Hebrew for Biblical Interpretation, Society of Biblical Literature, p. 133

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The Spirit of God in Genesis 1:2 (Part I)

In a beginning, God had created the form of Heaven and the form of Earth.  And when Earth was an astonishing-desert with darkness over a face of abyss, and the Spirit of God oscillating over the face of the waters: (My Translation)

A Definition of the Hebrew Ruwach

It is not good enough for a translator and interpreter to define the Hebrew word concept ruwach as spirit or wind or breath or mind etc. At best these are synonyms at worst they are lazy attempts at defining a key term. The Hebrew ruwach is a key term of the sacred author's context and all of Sacred Scripture! Defining this term will make or break an interpretation. From a subjective view I have the entire history of the plant and animal kingdom as well as Mankind based on the word ruwach. Ruwach must be defined so that it can be used consistently in an exposition of a context of the Sacred Script whether Genesis 1:2 or Isaiah or anywhere. I have no idea who first conceived of the Hebrew ruwach. I am guessing that the sacred author used this pre-conceived Hebrew word to label what he saw in the vision.

I have the Hebrew word concept ruwach reduced to a single unambiguous meaning:

that which is effused from a source object

This clear definition should be applicable in almost all contexts of Sacred Scripture. 'That' is a place holder for any word of all languages. Now let me apply my definition to a simple example in context to the body (specifically the mouth and lungs). That which the body effuses resolves to the objective CO2 molecules poured out from the lungs through the mouth. That is why breath is a synonym for the Hebrew word ruwach. Breath is a concrete example of the Hebrew word concept.

If a spirit refers to a concept then my definition is to be understood figuratively. Example: a spirit of prudence. A man who has a spirit of prudence does not literally have an object named prudence effused into his body. A relational activity is effused from him, so to speak. He acts prudently in relation to others or communicates prudence through use of words. Perhaps God stimulates the relation of prudence in him, and through him.

Later I will use my definition to kill the myth mongers and correct every single 'wind' translation ever conceived of by translators. But first

What does the ruwach resolve to in the Genesis 1:2 context?

Does the the 'Ruwach' refer to an Object or to a Concept?

In the Gen 1:2 context, the Hebrew ruwach is traditionally translated as Spirit (capital 'S' with a definite article 'the'). And this is my translation from here on out. I note that the sacred author did not mark the word 'ruwach' with a definite article and this seems to imply that he did not quite understand what he saw. Regardless he described what he saw and this is traced as "a spirit of God" or " a divine spirit."

I assume the sacred author experienced a prophetic 3D movie stimulated by God. And then he described what he saw. He described objects and dynamic relations mediated by objects. Some of these objects were Divine and some of the phenomena were miraculous (or supernatural). He saw the form of the Earth as if from orbit. And later he traced a basic description of her facial features: astonishing-desert, abyss and the waters. He described the background of her surface as darkness which I have interpreted as interstellar space. And he traced a contrast to the darkness of space described in the words 'a Spirit of God moving'. This Spirit of God was moving in direct relation to the Earth.

The first issue to resolve is whether or not this Spirit refers to an object or to a concept. Did the sacred author see an object, with a prophetically visible form that he could distinguish? My answer is an unequivocal yes. Why? Because the sacred author describes this Spirit of God performing an action: the Spirit was moving or was moved . . . in relation to Earth's surface. One can only apply motion to objects of existence. If the Spirit of God referred to a concept the sacred author would have traced nonsense since motion does not apply to concepts. Concepts do not move. The sacred author did not irrationally convert a concept into an object. Some assume the sacred authors and the God who inspired them uttered and traced nonsense in these most crucial of contexts but I am not one of them. The Sacred Script CANNOT be reasoned without assuming Faith.

And if you do assume Faith in the Sacred Script like I do, then the event of the sacred author describing this effused object moving over the Earth's surface is another argument in favor of associating this Script with Prophecy. How else would the sacred author have known that some object defied Mother Nature performing some action over the surface of the Earth? Did he make up the description and entire subsequent story, or did God induce him to experience an ancient unseen history lost to memory?  The more one critically thinks through this Script it almost becomes black or white.  Which camp do you fall in???

The sacred author described an object using the Hebrew name 'ruwach'. That word refers to an object effused from a source object. Now it is left for us to resolve what type of object this mysterious spirit may be. And this is not so difficult anymore. The sacred author qualifies the Spirit with the genitive noun form: God. This object has an asymmetrical relation with God. By virtue of the genitive form this Spirit belongs to God or better yet originates in God. The Spirit is an object effused from God who is in Heaven down to the Earth. The Spirit is an objective Mediator between the two objects God and Earth.

And this is why I think the author decided to label this object as Spirit. He saw that an object was effused from God to the Earth. Spirit is a word concept that in this context refers to an object effused from God. In this context, the word concept translated Spirit resolves to an object that the sacred author saw in his vision. Little did the sacred author know that this effused would be recognized by Christians as the Holy Spirit.

For this context most Christians in history have interpreted this word to refer to the Third Divine Object who the First Divine Object and Second Divine Object eternally generate in a singular relation that defies reason and rationale. The Trinitarian relations are inconceivable and impossible to reason alone. The Third Divine Presence labelled 'Holy Spirit' eternally effuses from the Father and the Son. This singular Divine relation is applied to mediate miraculous Divine phenomena such as the light event of Genesis 1. From Heaven, the Father and the Son effuse the Spirit to the Earth similar to how the Spirit eternally proceeds from the Father and the Son.  Yet back to the sacred author. The sacred author understood that this object was effused from God in Heaven to the Earth without perhaps yet understanding that this object was a Personal Identity of the Trinity. Blessed Pope John Paul II explains this well.

Even though in the light of the texts of Isaiah the salvific work of the Messiah, the Servant of the Lord, includes the action of the Spirit which is carried out through himself, nevertheless in the Old Testament context there is no suggestion of a distinction of subjects, or of the Divine Persons as they subsist in the mystery of the Trinity, and as they are later revealed in the New Testament. Both in Isaiah and in the whole of the Old Testament the personality of the Holy Spirit is completely hidden: in the revelation of the one God, as also in the foretelling of the future Messiah. (Dominum et Vivificantem, n. 17)

The sacred author did not realize that this Divine Object he saw was a Divine Personal Identity. But he understood that what he saw was Divine and modified the label as such: of God: ruah Elohim.

I assume that the sacred author saw a miraculous appearance of the Spirit for the purposes of relating events to all Mankind. Assuming the sacred author had use of his brain in this prophetically induced 3D movie he would not be able to discern a sending forth of the Spirit. God is a singular type of object disconnected from our senses. And it goes without saying that this type of object does not fall within the EM bandwidth response of our vision. The Spirit will (if He desires) appear so as to inform one that He is present and/or sent by God. A true appearance of the Spirit teaches the beholder or auditor a type of relation between God and the receptor of the effused object.

But it is important for me to note that the existent shape of the Spirit is not that of a dove or a man with wings or even that which physically mediates light. The Spirit does NOT assume a physical form at least according to our notions. He does not derive his form from the fundamental subatomic objects from which atoms do.  But he does have a Divine Form eternally derived from the Father and the Son.  I don't know what this form is other than some qualities like eternal, almighty, able to superpose and so on.  To us the Spirit will on occasion miraculously generate an appearance (not bound from its immediate environs, with no internal structure) of a dove, etc. for the purposes of those present to see the event and relate it to others. The Spirit is not Incarnate like Jesus. He is not bound to a physical form. He miraculously induces an appearance and/or sound (as in the event of Pentecost) for the sake of his viewers and audience, to teach them that he is present or at work in his Divine Form which is impossible for a human to associate with via his body alone.

What is the form of the Spirit? I do not know. I have never seen the Spirit. That privilege is reserved for those He assumes to the Heaven. All I know are the qualities of the Spirit such as Holy, Almighty, Immortal. But the Spirit’s form defies all reason and rationale. God’s form defies reason. It is inconceivable to reason alone. And even in Faith it is difficult to conceptualize. All I can assume is that the Spirit is bound from His immediate surrounding by the Father and the Son who eternally generate the Spirit in a singular relation not found in all of Nature. The Spirit is fully God. The Three Persons of God are distinct and yet each the One God. Like I said the Roman Catholic definition defies reason and amen to that. Assuming there is a God, God alone should defy the mediation of petty neurons.

The Spirit is not spatially separated from all objects of existence. He is Divinely separated from all objects of existence. The Father and the Son prevent Him from blending in with matter or any other object He is effused to like in the example of a human being or the Earth. The Spirit does not rely on matter or a concept to relate His form. He relies solely on the Father and the Son for His form and location.

So now all that is left is to speculate on why God effused the Spirit . . . how the Spirit miraculously appeared to the sacred author in the vision . . . and why he may have appeared that way? What Divine concept was conveyed to us via the prophetic experience and tracing of the sacred author? You might be surprised at the simplicity of what I have come up with. But you should not be. A hint has always been traced in the third verse saying: Let light happen.

But first I would like to correct some associations in context to Genesis 1:2.

The Myth Mongers

From the appearance of Christ Jesus to the present Christians have understood that the Spirit described by the sacred author in this Gen 1:2 context refers to the Third Divine Person of the Holy Trinity. The Spirit proceeds (springs up) from the Father and the Son (Nicene Creed). And consistent with the One Divine Eternal Generation He is effused to mediate Divine Acts. The Christian association is indisputable, and I could run a pretty long list of references but this will only waste internet space. With the Christian interpretation came the capitalization of the word 'Spirit' with a definite article "the" in reference to His Divine Majesty. The understanding of the Sacred Script has evolved with the coming of Christ Jesus. Jesus unveiled the Sacred Script.

Suffice it to say that the modern myth mongers propose a 'mighty wind' or a 'divine wind' translation which challenges the traditional interpretation. In Faith, there is no rationale or justification for the translation and interpretation of 'a mighty wind'. The rational translations provide for Spirit of God as do the faith inspired translations.

The 'mighty wind' translation stems from the scholar's romance with the Ancient Near East myths. They were so convinced of a correlation between Genesis 1 and Enuma Elish or some other myth that they took it upon themselves to irrationally manipulate words. Wind is an abstract concept relating physical objects (air molecules: nitrogen atoms, oxygen atoms, etc) in two or more locations parallel to the Earth's surface. You cannot move wind. By conception wind is moving air. Whoever first conceived of 'wind' in whatever language associated something moving parallel to the Earth's surface. They conceptualized to understand invisible air colliding with objects (like trees) parallel to the Earth's surface. Wind is by definition atoms moving parallel to the surface of the Earth. Wind is a superverb with the subject air, built into the verb to move or rush. Thus their translation and interpretation critically fails in contextual grammar. "mighty wind moving over a surface" is a superfluous contradiction. You cannot move concepts. To move wind is to irrationally convert a concept into an object.

Spirit of God refers to an effused Divine object that the sacred author saw moving over the Earth's surface and mediated the Divine phenomena. This object was clarified by Christ Jesus and His Church as the Third Divine Object of the Trinity. The Spirit of Christ was moving over the surface of the Earth in view of Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit is a Divine Object who performs actions. Concepts conceived of by Man such as wind do not perform actions. Objects, whether Divine, angelic, spiritual (as in the soul) or physical impart causal actions.

The myth mongers are addicted to syntactical grammar and myths, when they should assume Faith and apply contextual grammar. Sentences in linguistic grammars are context-sensitive and thus have two stages of grammatical verification: syntax and context. Once we verify that the syntax conforms to the syntactical rules of grammar, we ascribe meaning to the sentence using the analytical phase of contextual grammar. 'Mighty wind' or 'divine wind' moved over the surface of the Earth fails in the analytical phase of contextual grammar. And it fails in a Faith analysis.

And more, wind has no source object. From what source object does the wind come from? Do angels blow the wind out of their mouths? Wind is a conceptual embodiment or invocation of two or more locations of gaseous atoms parallel the internal structure of the Earth. Atoms of the outer layers interact with the atoms of structures built up from the crust. That is the action labelled wind. The myth mongers use of wind defies the definition of the Hebrew word concept 'ruwach': that which effuses from a source object. There is no source of wind. It is a concept: a relation of two or more objects. Concepts have no source. They are conceptualized by Man via neurons banking memories of objects.

The mythic manipulation of Genesis 1 is ridiculous. It is a terrible experience to witness the 'mighty wind' or 'divine wind' translation and interpretations among scholars with assumed authority.

Some Corrections of 'Wind' Translations in the Sacred Scripts
I suggest a few corrections of Sacred Scripts that translate the Hebrew 'ruwach' as wind instead of Spirit.

In Genesis 1:8 the sacred author traces the Hebrew word 'ruwach' in context to God performing an action, namely subsiding the waters of the Great Flood.

And God remembereth Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle which [are] with him in the ark, and God causeth a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters subside, (YLT version)
Wind is an irrational translation for this context. God did not cause a concept (wind) to pass over the Earth. This is nonsense. God miraculously subsided the Great Flood waters via the Holy Spirit. If not the Holy Spirit then by a spirit also known as an angel. I will just assume that it was the Spirit. God caused the Holy Spirit to pass over the Earth. The Holy Spirit was brought over the Earth and mediated a Divine Act.

Do you really think God moved moving air over the Earth? Isn't that what is always happening: naturally? And in Faith do you really think this moving air could subside the Great Flood waters? In the Sacred Script it says that God caused to pass over the Earth a 'ruwach'. Cause necessitates two objects one being the mediator and the other being the target. In this example the mediator is God and the target is the Holy Spirit. God imparts causal action on the Spirit. The Father and the Son cause the Spirit to pass over the Earth so as to perform the act of miraculously diminishing these Flood waters. My translation:

And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle which were with him in the ark, and God caused the Spirit to pass over the earth, and the waters subsided . . .
From the Book of Numbers 11:31
Then a wind, going out from the Lord and moving forcefully across the sea, brought quails and cast them into the camp, across a distance of one day’s journey, in every part of the camp all around, and they flew in the air two cubits high above the ground. (CPDV version)

Since when does the human concept labelled 'wind' go out from the Holy One of Israel? And since when does 'wind' perform miracles? I mean the quails come out of nowhere and are cast across a distance of a day's journey? What is the distance of a day's journey? Maybe 40 kilometers? And the quails are all magically flying a few feet above ground so that the Jews could conveniently snatch them for dinner. The wind did this? Are you serious?

No. The 'ruwach' described in this verse resolves to the Holy Spirit. The Lord sent him out to mediate a miracle. The Spirit moved 'forcefully' across the sea. He miraculously made His Presence felt in Nature. By strength of His Almighty Power He gathered and induced the quails to conveniently flew a few feet above the ground for dinner: at will. My translation:

Then the Spirit, going out from the Lord . . . etc.

Amos 4:13

​​​​​​For here he is! He formed the mountains and created the wind. He reveals his plans to men.He turns the dawn into darkness and marches on the heights of the earth.The LORD, the God who commands armies, is his name!” (NET version)

'created the wind' . . . The sacred prophet Amos used the Hebrew words 'bara' and 'ruwach' in this context. Bara is a verb used exclusively with God. God alone creates, and he creates objects, not concepts that His objective children conceive of via neural actions of the brain. Since when did the Lord create the concept wind? I thought God ultimately creates objects for example the air molecules, the Earth, Adam and Eve, etc. Then Adam and Eve come along and picked out the dynamic relation of invisible objects moving over the Earth's surface, interacting contact with objects such as trees in a surface-to-surface contact. They signaled their conceptualization: wind. You cannot point to wind. All you can do is conceptualize, name and define wind.

Amos is referring to the soul. The soul is creatively effused from God immediately ex nihilo. The soul is a type of spirit that effuses from the body while remaining bound by the body or leaves the body after death. This translation and interpretation is confirmed by the next phrase which says that God reveals his Word to men. The type of spirit, qualified by grace and with the same form as the body, interfacing the body most thoroughly and perfectly enables men to conceive of and understand God's Word. My translation:

For behold, he who forms the mountains and creates the spirit and announces his word to man . . . etc.
The Hebrew 'ruwach' is used 378 times in the Bible so I have a long way to go. But these translations and interpretations should illustrate my understanding well enough.

This article will be continued in Part II.